Doubled Net New Site Visitors for a Large Laptop Manufacturer in A Competitive Market

What is common between DIY, Walt Disney & College Football?


Digital platforms are opaque. A large Fortune100 consumer electronicsgiant had troves of 1st party data without any consumer understanding. Through intelligent sub-segmentation layered with’s intelligence suite, they achieved record breaking results in its busiest sales period.
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More site visitors delivered through new audience discovery in Paid Social

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Effectiveness in reaching out to new consumers

The Story

Discovering new age Gamers

For a consumer electronics manufacturer, the most busy and competitive market period in the year is cyber 5 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday

This large player wanted to conquest new audiences and expand their remit beyond solely targeting category keywords.

The Goal

Engage New Consumers

Being a category leader in a highly competitive period with hundreds of millions in adspend over years made this brand’s audience saturate, resulting in limited category growth through media targeting. The goal was to discover new cohorts beyond brand category.

The Solution

Discover Non Intuitive Cohorts

Client Challenges Faced:

  • Audience saturation on digital advertising
  • Lack of actionable insights for Decisions
  • Limited scope for strategy with no consumer signals

Platform Challenges:

  • Provides aggregated performance data
  • Doesn’t explain why campaigns work or how consumers shift
  • Doesn’t tell you who comprises an audience set

How helps:

  • Artificial Intelligence used to unpack gaming purchasers signals and analyse against a pool of 2mn consumer signals to recommend an ideal consumer set to go after
  • Decodes what behavioural traits your first party data contains
  • Recommends an ideal plan and execution strategy forming a link from insights to activation
  • Recommends shifts in consumer signals to alter communication strategies in real time

Securing New Cohorts